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I work one-on-one with Inner Alchemy, craniosacral and healing, and offer classes, evenings and courses where we come together in groups. In the one-to-one lessons, you can choose a different length of lessons depending on what suits your inner rhythm and pace, if you are unsure go for the middle choice.
In group lessons, evenings and courses, I offer soft embodiment yoga, primarily based on yin yang yoga, breathing and contact with yourself, I hold tantra evenings with a focus on exploring and being present in yourself and your inner resources and experiences and I hold various evenings with Chakradance.

I also hold occasional weekend courses and ceremonies with a focus on self-development and an increased contact with nature and yourself.

Keep in touch on social media, sign up for the Newsletter at the bottom of the page, or visit the booking calendar to stay up to date on courses and open events.

All my services have discounted prices for students and those with social security benefits, as it is important to me that it is available to everyone, not just those with healthy finances. There is a separate tab in the online booking.

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Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is about restoring contact with the resources in body and mind. When we experience that our body, mind or outer life is not working, it is time to turn our gaze inward to the resources within us that are there to maintain flow, joy, meaning, good health and a genuine expression of you.
This can be about understanding your own inner processes or the links between body, mind and life.
It can be about awakening and releasing resources in the body or in the mind.
It can be the release of sexual, creative or emotional expression that has been suppressed.
Health, life, flow and wholeness are possible and natural at all ages. Adversity and difficult times as well, but we can find our way through and back to flow, meaning and wholeness.

Inner Alkymi is individually adapted based on your themes, your personality and your issues. You are free to come up with any theme or challenge, and we will look at patterns and connections, at ways and means of establishing contact. We will use different methods and focus points adapted to you, to create change or more flow.

Inner Alchemy shows you the way to your inner resources, helps you to let go of what is holding you back, and to find the way to a life in line with your values.

Tools used: conversation, inner focus, meditation, inner journeys, contact with physical and psychological resources, insight into body and mind, healing and Craniosacral for deepening and integration.

Online booking:

1 time - 900,-      1,5t -1300,-     2t - 1650,-

Craniosacral treatment

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic form of treatment, which works via the physical body with light supportive measures that communicate with the body's inherent systems.

Craniosacral comes from the same roots as osteopathy, and gets its name from the fact that it works with the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through and between the skull and the sacral bone (sacrum) at the base of the spine, a flow that is closely linked to the vitality and openness of our body .


I work with visionary craniosacral therapy (VKST) and am doing an international certification in biodynamic craniosacral (BDCST), both of which are   non-invasive forms of treatment that work on the body's (and mind's) own premises.

 They are based on an understanding that every body, and every human being, has its unique nature and its natural balance with and growth in life, and that it is when this natural flow is hindered, that tensions , pain and discomfort occur.

Body and mind are inextricably linked. Tensions in muscles and connective tissue affect the whole body and also the psyche. Stress and emotional stress affect the whole body through muscle tension, blood pressure, hormonal balances and the nervous system.

Craniosacral is a mild and gentle form of treatment, which nevertheless reaches deep and can create lasting changes.

It is a soft journey back to oneself. Through soft grips and light movements, tensions open up around muscles, bones and connective tissue, body and mind gain access to the deeper rhythms and vitality in the body, and the body's natural flow and balance can be resumed.

Which also means that the psyche balances back to itself.

Online booking:

45 min - 750,-      60 min - 900,-  90 min - 1300,-

kraniosakral behandling.jpg


Healing is a holistic approach to body and mind, which works via the energy body through the various layers of who you are - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

An hour of refilling and rebalancing.

When there is flow and balance in our systems, we experience clarity, well-being, energy and creativity.

When there is contact and flow between our various "bodies", the above-mentioned layers, we feel whole.

When there is contact and balance between ourselves and the world we live in, when we land in our place in the whole, we feel calm and that we belong.

Through a healing, one can also work more clearly on the more soulful and spiritual layers, if the client wishes, and thus provide an increased contact with and experience of this dimension, and oneself as something more than the purely physical.

Healing can be used as replenishment, rebalancing and as self-development.

Healing has been part of my path and my offerings for over 20 years. Although today I mostly work with Inner Alchemy and craniosacral, I think it is nice to have the healing as an offer. It is a very pleasant way to find your way back to yourself and to recharge.

I have a background in classical healing, Reike, Blu-e, shamanistic healing, crystal healing, aura cleansing and healing, timeline and a number of other approaches.

Online booking:

  60 min - 900,-     Studenter/trygdede: 720,-

Classes & events

Below you will find classes and events that I offer on a regular basis. The focus is contact with body and mind, and to regain contact with the inner resources. We work through conscious relaxation, movement, flow, breathing and sensing. We move the body from the inside, explore and express, as it is right now, right today. And, we travel deeper into the resources into more unconscious layers, to release these up to the surface and into life.

At the moment, in the winter of 2023, I am without a permanent workshop room, and there is therefore no regular events at the present moment. I hope this will be sorted out during the spring and that I can welcome  you back to regular events around body, mind & soul quite soon.

Take a look at the event calendar in the link on each event, or follow me on Facebook or Instagram to get information about events that are being set up.

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