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Reconnect with your inner resources

Indre transformasjon,
         kraniosakral terapi,
          somatisk yoga & dans

About Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is about restoring contact with inner resources, and being able to create a life in line with your own values. A life of joy, meaning, good health and a living creative force.

Our physical health, our mind and the life we live are all part of the same thing. Our reactions and inner truths determine our choices, the opportunities we see and the people we are attracted to. It meansnotthat if life is painful or difficult, it is your fault.The connections are much bigger than that.

But, inside each person, regardless of situation and condition, there is health and resources that can help lift the situation. By turning around old wounds, traumas and inherited patterns, we have an opportunity to find the way to a life more in tune with ourselves, with people we resonate with and can co-create with, instead of conflicts, power balances and drama.

So, welcome here, to great tools for better health, more well-being, more creativity, good relationships and a vibrant sexuality and vitality.

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The purpose of Indre Alkymi is to help people home in their own resources, in all the potential that lives in body and mind, and through that find the way to more joy, meaning and an authentic expression.

When we dive into the inner resources, we open up for increased health, in both body and mind, more meaning, more joy, more playfulness and creative power, more strength, calmness and rest in ourselves.

The world becomes far less overwhelming. The system is able to balance itself and what life offers, and the world is simply experienced differently.

More open, more meaningful, more filled with possibilities. Even when the challenges are lined up and life serves up blue Mondays.
Because they will come.

All people experience tough things, challenges, loss, illness and grief, but in 90% of cases we get through, come out on the other side and have the opportunity to find more strength, calmness and flow.

And the resources to deal with it lie within, and in your unique encounter with life..

The story behind it

I have spent my entire adult life, from my teenage years until now almost 50 years old, looking for meaning, depth and solutions. After finding and experiencing joy, contact and creative power. And on this path I have been through a number of studies, practices and approaches, from Western science and psychology, through paganism and natural traditions, Chinese medicine, tantra and yoga, embodiment, trauma understanding and dance.

I have 4 years of apprenticeship in Dur Bon, various educations in healing, massage, Chakradance, regression and depth therapy & craniosacral therapy

What I see, clearer and clearer, and which is really quite self-evident, is that there is only one reality, and all these sciences,   directions and traditions point towards the same thing. Towards a greater understanding of life and of man, and to keys on how to promote health, meaning and vitality.

So, what I'm offering is the sum of everything I've brought with me. In one-to-one sessions, in courses & sermons, in yoga, dance and embodiment.

There are ways home to yourself, home in and to a direct experience of what lives in you and what life can be. There are ways and tools to contact and activate inner resources, find a way back to flow, vitality and health, regardless of age or life situation. 

There are tools for understanding and improving relationships, work situations or the inner and spiritual life, depending on what you want.

Things can't always be a glossy picture or a Hollywood version, but it can contain power, calmness, insight and meaning, and be YOUR life.

My offers

I offer one-to-one sessions with Indre Alkymi where we explore inner resources, clear out of the way things that hinder and work to activate the creative power in you.
These sessions consist of conversations, inner journeys, contact with body and mind, and can be supported by healing and craniosacral. 
You do not need to have any prior knowledge or understanding. The meeting point happens with you, in your values and your language.

I also offer pure sessions with craniosacral, possibly craniosacral and healing.

The yoga classes I offer, physically or online, have a great focus on body contact, on moving from within, on awareness and how breathing, gravity and focus can help us along the way. It is no achievement and requires no prior knowledge, it is your meeting with and your expansion into yourself

My courses and ceremonies have a tantric and shamanistic feel. Tantra is about creating contact with and flow in the life force, and awakening the inner resources, and shamanism is about our relationship with the whole and our place in the bigger picture. 
It is again about finding your way home, within yourself and in your place in the whole.

The courses are more about discovery and understanding, increasing your insight into and contact with yourself. And the ceremonies have a great focus on creating transformation through inner and outer contact.

I have held courses and ceremonies for over 20 years, and in the last year I have also done this in Holistsik Forbund as an authorized wedding ceremony and confirmation supervisor.

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Craniosacral therapy

45 min | 750,-    60 min | 900,-    90 min | 1300,-

welcome here

I am Renate Hetlevik Andersen

..and the man behind Indre Alkymi. All my life I have been searching for meaning and for tools to create lasting change, to transform old stories and to find more joy and creative power. Being able to constantly live a life that is more alive, more meaningful, more filled with authenticity and really good, nurturing relationships.

And along the way I have found an incredible number of good tools.
I have worked as a therapist, supervisor, course holder and teacher in the field of body, mind and life for over 20 years now, and   have been allowed to be with many people on their journey home seelv.
And I am still just as curious, maybe even more so, looking for even deeper knowledge, even more aliveness that I can share with those who seek it

In 2016, I suffered a back injury that stayed with me, and it made me delve even deeper into the physical body in search of solutions and ways back to wholeness and health. It brought through 2 craniosacral educations, more yoga, embodiment, chakra dance and deeper into the influence our built-in trauma responses have on the body, and it has really given another dimension both to life and to my work, and even more tools in the toolbox.

So, if you want to take part in some of what I have found along the way, I warmly welcome you!

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